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Telecom Sector

"..Mobile telcos are putting churn management systems in place, which can almost accurately predict the behaviour of fickle customers"

-- Express Computer, 22nd Sept 2003.

Deregulation has brought international and local competition and has, and will, erode market share and threaten revenue streams. Competition has created alternative product offerings as well as price sensitivity. An industry that requires huge capital investments to upgrade its network, billing, support and other system infrastructure is also faced with a systemic decline in revenues and margins.

As a professional organization in the competitive Telecommunications industry, your company would surely have invested substantially on all the modern technology for the likes quoted above, including Information Technology and other state-of-the-art offerings.

All this to ensure that your decisions in operations and planning, and strategies are well supported by timely, reliable and relevant information from all your available data. Read More...

Banks and Financial Institutions

Adopting Enterprise Data Warehousing ( EDW ) and Data Mining tools in Banks and Financial Institutions have assumed the high priority requirements for business support.

Banks and Financial Institutions in general are all feeling the need to be more competitive, to refine their niches, to increase revenues and hold down expenses. Most operate with a diverse combination of unconnected systems where getting the numbers they need to make smart decisions is often a major hurdle. Read More...

Future Oriented Analytics

Traditionally business analytics have focused on the past in the form of reports summarizing what has happened. Newer analytics such as data mining not only provide deeper business insight into what has happened in terms of what is driving growth, attrition, loyalty etc. but also provide much needed visibility into the future. Read More...