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We Provide SAP Consulting

Kleinstar implements SAP solutions worldwide. Right now, we need more qualified SAP consultants to help service our international clients.

Kleinstar is a company of specialist SAP Consultants with an impressive fifteen year track record of successful SAP implementations worldwide. .

Professional SAP consultants

If you are an experienced SAP consultant, then join our growing team of motivated professionals. Simply send us your resume today, and if you meet our high standards, we will do our best to place you wth one of our international clients.

If you're in business and run SAP, we can provide you with a complete SAP systems audit. Learn more about us, or contact us today to book a consultaiton.

SAP Specialists

If you're looking to develop your customized SAP solution, then look no further. Kleinstar specializes in niche business solutions. Our mantra is greater efficiency, acheived through improved business processes and best practice development. All of which means an improved bottom line for our clients.

Typically, these clients are large Corporations and Governments who use SAP to drive their business and process information more efficiently. Our core strength is in SAP for the Oil & Gas Industry where we have implemented SAP projects in a number of countries over a period of more than 17 years.